Idea - numbers are people not phones

First there was an idea If we are dialing a phone number we expect getting a person - but what we actualy get is a phone (or hardware). The number is not following the person - as the instant messaging (IM) client is doing. So why not using the IM client to tell us which phone is right beside the computer.
And if there is a communication link - why not using it to do things with our phone on our 102 keyboard - instead of mangeling it with a 12 digit phone pad.

The History

  • January 2006
    First Idea and some testings.
  • March 2006
    Technology decision for Asterisk as PBX and XMPP/Jabber for Instant Messaging
  • May 2006
    Basic POC Implementation
  • June 2006
    Official start and launch at Sourceforge

The Future

Currently JabAst is still some how on a requirement collection phase. Some basic use cases are developed. Next step is to stabalize the package structure for development and build more JUnit tests covering those use cases.
And of course: More documentation is required....
Supporters, Developers, Architects, Testers are always welcome.

Requirements Collection

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Use Case - Agent Presence

An user has two desks to work on (e.q. office and homeoffice). Customers should contact him with a single phone number. If he is leaving is desk for a longer time - for example for a meeting or a break - all calls should directly go to an operator without having to ring on his desk for a number of times. If the user is travelling - or not on his desk for a defined time all calls should be redirected to his mobile number.
Status: under investigation

Use Case - Call Status and Tracking

If the user is leaving it's desk/phone for a time he would like to see missed calls and some detailed informations about call progress. It should be possible to get automaticaly a number of calls on voicemail as soon as the user gets back online.
Status: under investigation

Use Case - Initiate calls

The user should be able to initiate calls directly from the IM client. In that case the users active phone should ring. After pickup the channel should be connected to the given number. Shortcuts for voicemail and other functions should allow speed dials.
Status: under investigation

What it is...

OpenSource extension to Asterisk and XMPP to allow users to send and manage their phones by sending manager commands from a chat client.


This project is completly run by volunteers. However any kind of sponsorship is welcome.
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